SVT lighting after-sales service

1, LED product quality assurance
SVT lighting promises according to ISO9001:2000 and ISO14001:2004 series of quality, environmental management system, to provide LED lighting equipment.Design and development, manufacture, inspection, packaging, debugging and so on each link to strict quality and environmental management system control, rhythm, lighting guarantees are provided for theQuality of products are in conformity with national quality inspection standard.

2, ensure that LED lighting design effect and product application
Actively provide LED lighting project prophase lighting design and technical support, including lighting design consultant and design institute of lighting design project cooperation, provide relevantLighting design and technical consultation, to ensure that the whole lighting design effect and the rationality of the application products.

3, the LED project system installation and project acceptance
His photographs lighting will be to the customer chooses red nations lighting LED lamps and lanterns and the system to provide the following services: assist the project system installation and debugging, technical guidance and project testAccept, etc., and according to the customer request, to provide relevant technical training to ensure that the whole lighting design effect to realize.

4, completed project tracking and maintenance:
After the project is completed, the product maintenance warranty, project project manager to product maintenance warranty the situation to carry on the track. The receipt of customer customer complaint, maintenance work according toWork in three levels: country offices to project engineer telephone technical support and primary maintenance work; Project there are serious problems, the item.The ever-changing orders the dealer (the owner) telephone technical support, guide the dealer (the owner) maintenance, such as still cannot be solved, will arrange project.Engineer to the construction site for maintenance, in principle, 24 hours response, forty-eight hours to the site maintenance.

5, quality assurance period and after-sales service
Guarantees are provided for the LED lighting equipment in the correct installation, proper use and maintenance, rhythm lighting about product quality assurance period in the contract will have clear gaugeConstant. In the quality assurance period due to the LED lighting equipment or material quality factors of lamps and lanterns is damaged by the rhythm lighting is responsible for damaged lamps and lanterns and parts products fromFee repair or replace the product, engineering contractors on site installation remove service and additional parts. Quality assurance period because of the improper use or customer quality is damaged,The above is not applicable to the provisions, but his photographs lighting have the responsibility to assist in solving, product life maintenance, and proper charge material cost of production.