Nancy Clanton, Managing Director of Clanton & Associates, has established a unique presence in the world of china outdoor lighting factory. Only by reviewing your credentials and certifications can you sense that she has worked to develop a design practice that raises the level of expectations about the products, service and sustainability involved in each lighting project. In fact, the design consultancy declares its mission as “creating elegant lighting designs, inspiring the human spirit, integrating daylight and electric light into sensible shapes, improving performance and productivity and environmental health”.

As a champion of the incorporation of Dark Sky principles in exterior lighting design, Clanton has presented at many Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) Street and Area Lighting Conferences, as well as at a Seattle symposium in 2012 that demonstrated the results of an intensive road lighting test in conjunction with the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI), which has been covered by the LEDs magazine and is still mentioned by R & D experts in solid state lighting (SSL) and consulting firms. He has also directed informational webcasts and past presentations in Strategies in Light. At the upcoming 2019 event in Las Vegas, Clanton Keynote will delve into the past experiences of designers and manufacturers with early LED lighting, and how those lessons provided opportunities to improve the development and commercialization of SSL products. Clanton will also explore the latest technical challenges and design questions, as well as what the SSL community can expect in the future. Join us in Strategies in Light for full lighting on this topic.

LED Magazine: Your main talk in Strategies in Light is entitled “Memories, Reality and Dreams”. In terms of “memories”, what was your first encounter and experience, like the LEDs in your design practice? How did that experience impact your design approach?

Renowned lighting designer Nancy Clanton will present an opening speech to the LED high bay  factory and lighting audience at Strategies in Light Nancy Clanton: our first meeting was one of excitement and frustration. Enthusiasm with the compact size (that incorporates in architectural elements), the long distance shot (light grazing) and, of course, the low energy consumption and the long service life. Our frustration occurred almost immediately when problems like heat management (overheating in confined spaces) and driver reliability arose (the drivers died immediately and had to be replaced several times in the first few months).

We felt that we were teaching manufacturers about the pitfalls, at the expense of the frustrations of our customers with repeated failures. Fortunately, we had used a reputable manufacturer who replaced the whole team many times, paying extra hours to an electrician to work nights to solve the problems.

The experience helped us to better understand the heat management problems and the importance of the installation details. In addition, we insist on independent tests for life expectancy. We also obtained guarantees of more than five years for the team, which included both the product and the workforce.

“Our initial encounter was one of emotion and frustration.”
– Nancy Clanton
LED: You have been active in various programs and organizations dedicated to green engineering, technology and design standards, and other advisory tasks. How have these activities shaped your practice in the application of light?

NC: We have learned to light in layers, using light effectively, what LED technology allows us to do. Instead of relying solely on ambient lighting for all lighting, surfaces can be illuminated with the addition of personal accent lighting to complete the visual scene. In addition, the importance of lighting controls to respond to day-lit areas, personal attenuation, occupancy / vacancy detection helps reduce the overall lighting energy budget.

Photo credit: underpass lighting designed by Clanton & Associates, a project presented at the annual IES Street and Area Lighting Conference (SALC) in 2015; Photograph by Sam Koerbel.

Photo credit: underpass lighting designed by Clanton & Associates, a project presented at the annual IES Street and Area Lighting Conference (SALC) in 2015; Photograph by Sam Koerbel.

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