In the construction of an innovation-oriented country grand strategy, and actively participate in the formulation of international standards, has become an indispensable part of. Along with the economic globalization advancement, international standard more and more get the attention of the world. Only the innovation achievements and international standard organic combination, can quickly realized industrialization, and better to help Chinese enterprises on the international stage.
Global market competition, who master standards, is to grasp the discourse power industry. Long-term since, our country LED enterprises to standard value degree is not enough, especially for international standards, lack of participation in globalization and make their own competition at a disadvantage. Now, a group of “based on” Chinese standard of the overall implementation of the standard, especially in the LED light component key technology in the field of Chinese standard, not only prove the Chinese LED industry independent innovation strength, marks China’s leading LED in standard production to realize comprehensive innovation breakthrough, for our country in the international market, with voice more become China’s enterprises to participate in the international competition of the new luminescent spot. The guangdong LED “from this period the special launch” LED standard optical components “series report, let us together for the Chinese standard to go into the international stage and cheering.
Market growth LED to big industry around the world
2012 is the LED lighting popular key years, from “1025” planning a comprehensive issued to three ministries and commissions LED lighting subsidies, as well as guangdong three years LED replacement plan full swing, and domestic to speed up the elimination inefficient lighting products call more and more high, the LED industry scale with the rapid growth of the potential, especially in LED lighting field prospects for more light, LED lighting market pull domestic demand to create a good policy environment.
In the market and policy double interest stimulate, LED lighting industry has become a new growth point of the electronic information industry, the global LED industry scale also with the rapid growth of the potential. At present, the global semiconductor lighting industry has formed the United States, Europe, Asia of industry distribution and competition pattern, which Asia to Japan, South Korea, China is given priority to. The United States and Japan in the upstream chip equipment field a leading position in the world; China Taiwan in the upstream chip and middle reaches of the strength of the packaging do not underestimate; In Europe, the traditional lighting giant Philips, Osram are strong into the LED lighting industry. Reporters learned from GSC, 2012 is the incandescent lamp banned key years, high-end demand will directly into LED lighting products demand; At the same time, the three ministries and commissions LED lighting subsidy policy official start, local matching support policies have been issued, the LED lighting domestic demand pull comprehensive catalytic market applications. Since the beginning of 2012, the LED chip prices slowing trend after watching are shot purchase LED products, peripheral economic recovery, LED lighting needs have begun to emerge.
Defined rules LED industry abandon price melee
Based on the energy conservation of environment and strategic consensus, the domestic to speed up the elimination inefficient lighting products call more and more high, the LED industry has been included in the state of guangdong province and strategic emerging industry development planning. According to “1025” planning objectives, to in 2015, the white LED luminous efficiency will reach the international advanced level in the same period, into 30% general lighting market, replace imported 70% highlighted chip, realize the core MOCVD equipment and key supporting material localization, around the back light, auto lighting and other major strategic products, strengthen technology integration, realize large-scale demonstration application, industry scale amounted to 500 billion yuan, the development potential.
In the face of the LED broad market prospect, due to the LED industry there is no unified national standards, and each enterprise own existing equipment facilities, work foundation and the level of technology development is not balanced, appear on the market the LED lighting application products of various kinds, different performance and compatibility is poor, causing the price is also highly unified. Many enterprises for decompression cost using inferior raw materials, low prices to occupy the market, not only to the development of the whole industry put forward severe challenges, but also to a certain extent and restricted the healthy development of LED lighting industry, hit the consumer to the use of LED products confidence.
Guangdong province as the three key strategic emerging industry, one of the guangdong realize to crack LED the development of the industry “bottleneck” must redefine industry rules of the game, in order to take the lead in starting standardization strategy with end LED industry has long price melee. Last year, the guangdong province, by national semiconductor lighting project research and industry alliance guidance, guangdong semiconductor lighting industry joint innovation center comprehensive implementation “LED lighting standard optical component project”, the effective integration of the project of guangdong province LED industry of high quality resources, through the implementation of the standard optical component project, work out a national unified light component standards, guide the LED lighting industry towards standardization, standardization, standardization direction. “The implementation of the project of our country not only LED industry development is of great significance, but also to make trillions of guangdong level scale LED strategic new industry, to achieve the economic take-off again, and promote the transformation and upgrading of economic structure has a backbone strength.” Guangdong province by the director LiXingHua said.