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Led panel light , home panel

Product Description

LED Panel light is a kind of elegent and high-grade indoor lighting lamps,its outer frame composed of anodised aluminium,the whole lamp is beautiful and luxurious,not only have good lighting effect,but also can bring nice feeling.

1. Optical PMMA LGP,optical PC fire resistant diffuser.

2. Ultra-thin design: 10mm.

3. Energy saving up to 80%
4. High brightness: 80-100 LM /W
5. Nice lighting distribution: > 90 %
6. High color rendering index: Ra> 80

7.Stable LEDs light source design solution: use the best 2835 LEDs —- high CRI, high brightness, and low light decay.
8. Excellent circuit design, each group of LEDs work separately, avoiding any problem of lighting output caused or influenced by single faulty LED.
9. New high efficiency constant current driver: wide range of input voltage : AC85-265V.
10. Instant starting time: < 1.2 s, and no noise as it starts.
11. Environment friendly : No mecury, no harmness to human healthy and the earth.

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