Dimmable Ultra-thin Round LED Panel Light,PIR001,3W-24W


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Why you need to choose SVT LED Panel Lights?

  • Upgraded Material: Die-cast aviation aluminum , great heat dissipation; Intelligent constant current driver, good surge protection, fireproof, safe and durable.
  • Uniform Soft Light Effects: Sideways emit light, through the light diffuser and guiding plate create uniform and soft light effect, that is pleasant on the eyes with flicker-free.
  • Convenient Install: Spring clips assembled, remove your troubles to install the clips than other brands. What’s more, each panel lamp we added 2 Wiring Caps to easily wire them to 110v power cable.

Choose the color you want:

  • 3000K: Used in family, hotels, coffee shops and other warm and sweet environment.
  • 4000K: Used in home where need a neutral white lighting atmosphere.
  • 5000K: Used in office, working area, shopping mall and other commercial place where need cool white bright.

Base on 107sq.ft area, 8ft install height:

  • Home (about 90-150lux): 6W: 5pcs; 9W: 3~4pcs; 12W: 2~3pcs; 15W: 2pcs; 18W: 1~2pcs.
  • Office or Commercial: (about 180-240lux) : 6W: 9pcs; 9W: 6pcs; 12W: 5pcs; 15W: 4pcs; 18W: 3pcs.


  • Turn off the home power.
  • Cut a appropriate hole on sheetrock according to product cut-hole size.
  • Connect the transformer to the 110V power supply (AC voltage design, doesn’t matter which lead connect to hot and neutral wire).
  • Pull up the sprinng clips and put the panel hook on the hole.
  • Adjust the panel to stick the ceiling tightly.


  • 1. According to the max load capacity of the dimmer to install appropriate quantity in one dimmer switch.
  • 2. Recommended to increase the number of 10-20% of product to meet the product illumination, if the installation height over 8ft.

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