Does your business still use fluorescent lights? Lighting your office can cause eye fatigue, headaches and absenteeism, but there is an easy solution: replace fluorescent fixtures with LED panel lights on the ceiling. Offer your office a modern update while providing a more comfortable and productive work environment for employees. These accessories are ideal for a wide range of applications including offices, schools, hospitals and retail stores. These are some of the advantages of choosing LED ceiling panel lights:

Exceptional savings

One of the biggest attractions of LED ceiling panel lights is the ability to overcome and exceed fluorescent luminaires. LED panel accessories consume less energy, which puts money back into your budget. Since these accessories work with LED diodes, there is no need to replace the tubes, which reduces maintenance and installation costs. Many LED panel lights on the roof carry premium and design certifications from Design Lights Consortium (DLC). Accessories that meet DLC standards have been tested to meet high performance and efficiency guidelines and may qualify for refunds.

Better light quality

Unlike fluorescents, LED ceiling panels achieve full brightness instantly without the need for a warm-up time and use reflective materials to make the light output brighter. Prismatic lenses are also used to distribute light more evenly, which reduces the brightness and allows you to illuminate a room with fewer accessories. These accessories can also affect the overall work environment by using specific color temperatures (the color of the light emitted). Measured in Kelvin, different color temperatures can affect your workspace in different ways:

3500K light creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere that is a good choice for retail stores, hotels and other hotel applications.
The 4000K light helps reduce visual fatigue and is ideal for offices, classrooms and libraries.
The 5000K light improves visibility and alertness, which makes it suitable for hospitals and auditoriums.
Control options

Many ceiling panels are adjustable, allowing you to customize the light output as needed. Connect your lighting to compatible motion sensors to keep the lights on only when someone is using the room. Warehouses and storage rooms benefit especially from motion sensors, since employees can have their hands full and can not easily control the lights when entering or leaving. Do not get fined for forgetting emergency lighting. Inform an account manager of the number of fluorescent emergency lights to be replaced and help you find the right LED panel lights with built-in emergency battery backup to provide up to 90 minutes of light during a power outage.

Easy installation

Designed to be lightweight, LED ceiling panel lights can be installed by a single person on a T-shaped grid. For added convenience when replacing multiple accessories, many of our LED panel lights are sold in packs. Some panels have additional mounting options. The accessories that can be suspended are hung from the ceiling with cables. Selected accessories can be combined with kits for mounting on a dry wall ceiling.