DIY, home lighting
Sometimes, adding value to your home can be an expensive and time-consuming project. Congratulations to the warriors of the DIY weekend world, but if you have little money or time, some quick and inexpensive projects are in order. While lighting can be a costly venture, we know some lights that can make your wallet happy and you can install them one night on weekdays or between errands.

LED downlights
If you already have recessed lighting and want to perform a quick update, try the LED downlight modules. Instead of replacing the entire unit, you can remove the molding, unscrew the old bulb and screw an LED. The retrofit downlights are a combination of an LED bulb and an ornament to improve the lighting easily. If you want recessed lights but do not have free space on the ceiling or do not want to worry about the case, then the ultra thin LED downlights could be the best option for you. You still have to make holes in the ceiling, but save some money when you consider the cost of the separate housing, the installation time and the electrician you need to properly connect the traditional recessed lighting.

The downlights of the Bluetooth LED speakers may have a higher initial cost, but you get the benefits of two devices in one device. This downlight is not only screwed into its pre-existing recessed housing as standard LED downlight modules, but also receives the additional benefit of a Bluetooth sound system. The speakers are certified by ETL for wet locations for a versatile location: earn accommodation points by adding music to your bathroom, covered patio or kitchen to surprise and impress your guests during the holidays. It takes less than 10 minutes to synchronize the devices with your Bluetooth device.

LED under cabinet lights

The lighting fixtures for wiring under the cabinet can be a little confusing to connect them and connect them to a light switch. However, you can simplify the process by using an interconnectable connector LED below the enclosure accessories. All you have to do is screw some mounting clips, plug in your accessories or LED light bars, and then connect the length of the lighting to a nearby outlet.

Lighting advice: LED luminaires under the cabinet almost always have a light switch on each length, LED light bars often do not. In contrast, the main output cable for the light bar may have the switch or a separate switch module. You decide which feature matters: more control or a more compact design?

Old LED bulbs
antique filament lights in pendants
You can quickly increase the style of any accessory or lamp with old bulbs. Change basic bulbs for the warm glow and unique shape of Edison bulbs. Most of the old bulbs have a slightly amber tint for aesthetics in addition to their color temperature of 2200-2400 Kelvin. If you are concerned that the color of your decor does not work well with that yellowish light, opt for old LED bulbs with transparent finishes in a warm color temperature of 2700 K or bright 3000 K.

Sets of patio lights

An outdoor lighting update does not have to mean a day dedicated to the sun. Quickly transform your patio with sets of lights to hang in the yard. Since incandescent or LED bulbs are already included, you only need to screw them and hang your new lighting. If you need a publication to hang your light, you can create one. Go to your local home improvement store for wood poles, C-hook screws, large pots and quick concrete. After screwing the C hooks to the top of the wooden post, mix the quick concrete in the planter. Place the post inside the planter and use scrap wood, or painter’s tape for lighter poles, to hold it in place while the concrete dries for 20-40 minutes. If you fill the planter only partially with concrete, you can drill holes just above the cement line for drainage. Then, add pebbles, potting soil and your favorite vegetation so that your publication is twice as much as a flower bed.

LED ribbon light

You can enhance the decoration of any space using the LED tape light as accent lighting. Place these convenient strip lights under book shelves, kitchen cabinets, your TV or even under the edge of the pool. For a length of 16 feet