The average retail price of 7W LED bulbs in China (equivalent to 40W incandescent bulbs) dropped 0.8% in December 2017 compared with 24.1 (US $ 3.9) two months ago, while the 9W models (equivalent to 60W incandescent bulbs Digitimes Research found that it grew 20.9% to 2.84 billion yuan.

The average retail price of the 40W and 60W LED bulbs in the Japanese market was $ 2,246 ($ 20.0) and 1,838 yen respectively, the former rose 6.4% in October and the latter fell 2.0%, Digitimes Research said.

The average retail prices of 40W and 60W LED bulbs in other markets for December are: 7,984 won in South Korea (up 7.2% in October and 0.1% in January) and 12,259 won in South Korea (down 0.3%); US $ 16.8 (down 0.6% ) And US $ 20.0 (up 1.0%); Euro 4.9 (USD 5.8, up 2.1%) and EUR 9.2 (down 3.2%).

The average lumen price ratio for Philips 40W equivalent LED bulbs and comparable OSRAM 60W models sold in the South Korea market for December was 117.5 million and 259.0 million respectively. In terms of luminous efficiency, the average 40W equivalent 40W LED bulb and Toshiba 60W equivalent in Japan market in December were 95.5lm / W and 109.2lm / W, respectively