T5T8 254nm ultraviolet sterilization germicidal uv lamp 10w15w20w30w40w


product description:

Ultraviolet rays can be divided into:

UVA band (wavelength: 320 ~ 400nm),

UVB band (wavelength is 275 ~ 320nm),

UVC band (200 ~ 275nm),

UVD band (100 ~ 200nm)

Ultraviolet germicidal lamps can be divided into: ozone (wave peak at 185nm), no ozone (wave peak at 254nm). The 254nm ultraviolet light emitted by ozone-free ultraviolet sterilization lamps destroys or changes the DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) structure of microorganisms by irradiation to kill bacteria, so that the bacteria die immediately or cannot reproduce offspring, and achieve the purpose of sterilization. The ultraviolet sterilizing lamp with ozone emits ultraviolet rays with a wavelength of 185nm, which changes the oxygen in the air into ozone (ozone has strong oxidizing properties and can effectively kill bacteria).

Quartz UV germicidal lamp is based on the shortest ultraviolet (254nm) with the strongest sterilization effect, which is suitable for pharmaceutical, medical, biotechnology, chemical, environmental protection, food and beverage, dairy products, wine, water treatment (tap water, mineral water) , Optical cleaning, physical experiments and other fields), widely used in air disinfection in the fields of health care food industry, pharmaceuticals, biological research, photochemical reaction research and other fields.


① The hospital should use operating room sterilization and pre-operative room sterilization to prevent patients from infection; continued irradiation during the operation will make the wound heal faster and reduce postoperative adverse reactions.

② Sterilization of wards, such as pediatric wards, obstetrics and gynecology wards, and infectious wards, etc., sterilize with ultraviolet lamps at the vents to prevent the spread of bacteria to the gaseous area and cause cross infection.

③ Sterilization of mortuary and outpatient department of infectious diseases.

④ Application of sterilization in the aseptic workshop of the pharmaceutical factory, the bacteria room, the food processing workshop of the food factory, and the storage room.

⑤ The school’s application classroom sterilization prevents cross infection and reduces the incidence.

⑥ For the application of public buildings, install appropriate amount of sterilized ultraviolet lamps in the public ventilation ducts and the air supply ducts of the central air conditioner, which can send aseptic air to the rooms to prevent infections caused by forks.

⑦ Sterilize the reading room of the library and the sterilization of the library to prevent mildewing and moth-eating of books.

⑧ Water purification treatment and direct drinking water sterilization can replace chloride and ozone sterilization, after sterilization without any harmful negative effects and pollution.

⑨ Pollution-free sterilization in healthy household appliances, such as new healthy air conditioners, disinfection cabinets, microwave ovens, and refrigerators in refrigerators, is equipped with ultraviolet sterilization lamps in large quantities.

⑩ Dairy factories, wineries and bakeries in the food processing industry.

Ultraviolet sterilization lamp (254nm) is a necessary product for sterilization and disinfection of air, instrument industry, drinking water, beverages and appliances.

10W 15W 20W 30W 40W double-ended double-needle quartz ultraviolet sterilization lamp (UV disinfection lamp)

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